why would you want casting iron!
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From making kitchen appliances to fashioning various tools casting iron can be put to various uses. While your choice of casting iron may differ from one person to another, there are a number of reasons its use. Here are reasons why you would want casting iron:

It is inexpensive

Anything you buy that’s made through sand casting processes

It’s virtually indestructible

With proper care, things made by casting iron should last for a long time. Implements made from sand casting processes are known to resist all forms of scratches. This is the reason why iron casting should be a top priority as it never breaks when dropped. Why would you go for something that’s only temporary anyway?

It is flexible

One of the reasons why casting iron should be top of your plans is its flexibility. Because of this, you can use it to create products or parts of complex shapes and hollow cross-sections. It can also be used in a wide array of chemical compositions that can change in line with the product concerned.

You can enjoy all these at our Newby Foundries.

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